Our other web site www.wakingup.org offers additional resources for supporting improvement and personal responsibility for optional health and wellness. You'll find information about 2 take-charge videos by Larry Sweet, CMT on Self-Care for Repetitive Motion Injuries, and Self Care for Athletic Injuries which have helped so many support healing through a proven system of simple stretches, exercises, and self-massage. You'll also find information about the transformational tools that are the Avatar course. These stunningly simple tools offer you the ability to profoundly alter your experience of your life by becoming more deliberate.

A resource which has proven in valuable to Laurel in her recovery of her health has been the information complied by Mark Konlee in his newsletters "Positive Health News" and "Progressive Health News" and available online at www.keephopealive.org. The holistic MD who diagnosed and treated Laurel for CFIDS followed the protocol recommended by Mark Konlee's newsletter, which included the recommendation for olive leaf extract. It is our feeling that Mark Konlee is doing some of the most cutting-edge work in compiling research and researching methods of immune system restoration that is happening today. Although his past newsletters are available online free, if you have an immune system problem and you find support hare (and you will), please consider supporting Mark's work by subscribing to his newsletter(s). The costs are nominal for the value received!

A recent discovery is Maverick Herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze. We are impressed by his honesty, integrity, and "tell it like it is" attitude. His videos have come into our life recently from several directions. He encourages personal responsibility for your life and says "Your body knows exactly how to create perfect health and heal you, "He healed himself of a genetic heart defect, serious burns, and a disabling knee injury and worked with thousands of seriously ill people, many for over 20 years in his Malibu, CA clinic. He encourages people to make their own herbal remedies, but does offer his original high quality clinic formula for those who choose to purchase ready made. His standards for quality are exceptionally high. His web site (under construction) is www.herbdoc.com.