The ability of olive leaf extract to destroy bacteria was demonstrated dramatically in the case of a 64-year-old physician who had been bedridden for several years following a serious stroke. He also had recurrent bladder infections which caused considerable pain, smelly urine and fever.

All efforts to alleviate his condition had been generally unsuccessful. Even a $1,000 antibiotic specially made for him had not worked. He had constant discomfort. His urine was cloudy "and looked like soup." Often it was bloody.

After one month on olive leaf extract, the infections had vanished. After six months, the condition has not recurred.

The doctor also suffered from frequent allergies and colds and had to take medication to keep these under control. The incidence and severity were significantly minimized with the supplement and as a result he requires considerably less medicine.

Naturopath Phil Selinsky reports success against bacterial infections in a number of cases. These include sinus and bladder infections and oral infections associated with tooth or gum disease.

"Some patients have told me that olive leaf extract took down their dental-related infections within hours," according to Selinsky. "They were quite impressed by the response."

The general recommendation for olive leaf extract is four tablets daily. For these kind of infections, Selinsky recommends patients begin with two tablets followed by another every four hours. "That usually gets you on top of the situation," he says. For more serious infections, tablets can be taken at shorter intervals.

One night a patient of mine developed swelling and intense pain from an abscess and decided to take several tablets at one time. It reduced the pain. In the morning, when the pain returned, he took a "handful" of tablets -- about eight or nine, he guesses. An hour-and-a-half later, the pain and swelling were gone. The pain did not return but a dental examination determined that the involved tooth had to go.

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